Pillow Talk

  • Bridget and Chris-July 13th 2012

    We asked Katie to officiate us knowing she would bring a professional yet genuine experience to our wedding. She went above and beyond, writing our vows personalized to what she knew about us and her delivery was kind with a bit of humor which perfectly reflected our family and ourselves. Katie is unique as she truly and empathetically enjoys the love she unites.
  • Teresa and Pio-July 7th 2014

    Backstory: Pio (now husband) and I are on a train in Europe planning the wedding; creative (inexpensive without plastic forks), personal (I didn't want people I didn't know watching me as I said very intimate things), frosted sugar cookies (never happened). At some point I suggest his guitar playing friend dress as Elvis Presley and officiate while interjecting sweet chords (using humor to evade making decisions). This ended up being one of the last decisions we made. The suggestion: I met Katie at work and was completely smitten by tenacious romanticism. When I saw photos of her officiate on Facebook, I casually mentioned to Pio the possibility of having her speak at our wedding. (Side note: Katie and I were friends at the genesis of my relationship with Pio.) Liking the idea, Pio told me to ask her. I did, nervously, would she take as much care with us? The words: Pio and I got married on the patio of a bar. Our 6 week old son was in attendance. Katie quickly outlined the service. Around 6 or so, she made rounds, informing our friends that we would start in a few minutes. She gathered the two of us and got everyone's attention. From this worn notebook, Katie read the most touching (consoling) words, I had ever heard. It was so stirring and real that when she asked if we had anything to say (part of the plan), I was kinda embarrassed that I had only copied the lyrics to Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes". Her laugh was so genuine. I wish I remembered what she said, but I do remember looking at my friends, family and Pio. It was so perfect and Katie's participation was integral. Footnote: I'm writing this carefully and pause around the description. Am I underselling this? Katie loves love, that's what makes her brilliant. Also, Pio thinks "she was really good".
  • Ali and Bryan-August 29th 2015

    Choosing Katie to do our wedding was very easy as she has been a great friend for many years. Her words were very sincere, thoughtful and artistic in form. She has a beautiful way of putting words together and really took the time to personalize it. She sat down with us ahead of time to go over some of the fine details of our relationship to help her write something appropriate for our relationship and our ceremony. The guests and us were in awe as she gave the perfect speech on our special day. We had many people at the reception compliment us on Katie's words and her delivery of them, and it doesn't hurt that she has a beautiful voice. She speaks very flowingly and easily adjusted to our responses and isn't just reading from a set in stone script. We couldn't have been happier with choosing someone to marry us.
  • Sherry and Kristen-June 18th 2016

    Katie was wonderful! Katie incorporated her own touch while remaining true to what we wanted for our special day. It was so helpful to have someone there to guide us through uncharted territory and she stayed in touch the whole way through. We loved the genuineness and energy Katie added to the ceremony. You can tell she cares and she is really good at what she does.
  • Cassie and Michael-June 18th 2016

    I have known Katie a long time and I have always been in awe of her. Her artistic and creative mind is a wonder this life is lucky to have. Asking Katie to be the key that locked us into a life together was by far the easiest decision we had to make throughout our planning process. We were not planning a traditional wedding, and we knew Katie was our person. She had to be the one to perform our ceremony. We wanted something special and specific to our relationship and Katie ROCKED it. Her attention to our quirks and requests, mixed with her personal touch was amazing. Katie has the ability to capture the attention of everyone in attendance, its a gift in itself. We received a ton of compliments about Katie from our guests. Anyone that is fortunate to know Katie knows a passionate and beautiful woman, and this carries over into her ceremonies. We were beyond honored to have her with us on our wedding day.
  • Caitlin and Jno-October 1st 2016

    Katie was a DREAM COME TRUE officiant. She exceeded all of our expectations and made our wedding ceremony what it was. She is so wise and thoughtful and spent a lot of time and energy into understanding us and our story. We are so grateful that we had her up there with us, and that she was the person who made our forever "official"!!!
  • Angela and Dane-November 18th 2017

    Katie is absolutely amazing. She came recommended to me by a friend and I am so glad that out of all the recommendations that came to me, the universe guided us to choose her. From our first meeting you could tell that Katie took pride in her work and she cared deeply about us. She took time to get to know us both as individuals and as a couple. She asked all the right questions to find out what our vision was for the ceremony. Once we got a rough draft of our ceremony Katie was very receptive to changes we requested and understanding of our reasonings for the alterations. Our ceremony was everything that we desired and more. One of the things people commented on about our wedding the most was our ceremony. I cannot rave about Katie enough and if you are looking for an officiant that cares about you and your spouse, stop your search now and hire Katie!
  • Tina and Steve-December 31st 2017

    Upon our engagement I knew Katie was our girl. I’m not great with words hence hiring her to write our vows. How can a virtual stranger actually pin point our feelings and put them to song? Seriously she is freakishly in tune with people. At the rehearsal she had everyone crying (including the event planner), laughing and glued to her every word. We included our blended family of 3 children in the ceremony and she was SO good with them. Our ceremony would not have gone so smooth without her, it was definitely my favorite part of the entire wedding. We received so many compliments about our non traditional ceremony and the venue staff that watched actually pulled her aside to say “I see several weddings every week and you have been the best”. That to me says it all. Thank you Katie. You are amazing and I will cherish you making our day the best day.
  • Rob and Sol-April 27th 2018

    Katie is awesome. She’s personable, thoughtful, super cool, chill, professional and always one step ahead of what you need. From our first conversation she exceeded our expectations. Somehow Katie struck the magic chord of giving us the “short and sweet” ceremony we wanted, while also making it full of personal details and touches. Katie crafted a ceremony that was heartfelt with the perfect dash of humor. Katie knew to ask us for information we never would’ve thought of ourselves. These uniquely Katie touches brought so much love and warmth into our wedding day. She found the perfect way to weave these details into our ceremony. With Katie at the helm of your ceremony you are in great hands.
  • Matt and Matthew-October 8th 2018

    When my fiancé and I were thinking about what we wanted in an officiant, we knew we wanted someone warm and positive, who we knew would understand our love. We asked Katie to officiate because we already knew her and we were confident she would be just what we needed. From the start she was warm and open, helping us to find the ceremony that was just right for us. She came to our house and talked through our relationship and guided us on crafting the perfect ceremony. She had a natural empathetic ability to notice the subtle nuances of our relationship as she met with us, and what we ended up with was a perfect ceremony that perfectly reflected our love. We couldn’t have been happier with our choice.
  • Tora and Jem- June 1st 2019

    Katie was an absolute gift to our ceremony. I went in blind and she immediately came in with support and grace, making sure everything was perfect. She was cool as a cucumber and her writing for the ceremony was special and superb. I couldn't have asked for a better officiant.